The Importance of Cross Browser Testing

Let us look at what cross browser testing is all about and why is it so important. As we all know, not all web browsers are built or created in the same way. Some are extremely compatible with some operating systems while some are not compatible. Some browsers restrict certain features for specific operating systems.

The web browsers that are to be the leaders in web exploration and creators of internet navigation are not extinct now. So the older versions and unused versions are not even heard by the younger generations today. The up-gradation and the need of compatibility issues are being one or the other reasons for such type of scenarios which are impacting the way web applications and websites display and behave across different browsers and platforms. Thus, whenever a web application is in the process of being developed or in a developing stage, it is always a good practice to conduct cross browser testing.

Why to conduct Cross Browser Testing?

A web application behaves exactly as desired in one browser but might have other issues in another browsers. So the issues will hamper the vigorous functionality of an application. The clients who look out for a professional application or a website can rely on cross browser testing which would help client applications in producing different results on different web browsers as they run in Applets, Flash, JavaScript requests and so on. The cross browser testing is not only essential for web browsers on personal computers like desktops or laptops but there is a serious need to extend cross browser testing to the ever progressing smart phones and tablets which have their own web browser capabilities.

How to conduct Cross Browser Testing?

You can perform cross browser testing in different ways. The most common way to get started is that there should be a checklist on the scope of functions that should be performed while developing a website or an application. This checklist will act as an array when you methodically open up the website or application in multiple browser or browser versions to verify the set of desired outcomes of that particular website or application. You can perform these tasks with the help of some tools and applications which are in market and integrated to manage the checklist.

These tools and applications will help you to check any given website or application against any given browser or browser versions. But having a program doing this will always have its pros and cons. For us, a program can behave more reliably across browsers and browser versions exactly the same way as we want it to behave. But there is no guarantee that the program will continue to behave the way we want. However, it is a known fact that a human can catch more faults than a machine or a program can.

There is always a variation between browsers and browser versions. These variations bring a lot of difference in performing Cross browser testing to make sure that each browser renders the designed pages. You should make sure to test the browsers as per the market share and also follow the trends of the targeted audience. Not only browsers, different browser versions also play a vital role in designing as some of the older versions do not support latest specifications. It is very essential to perform Cross Browser Testing with the help of a tool or manually and this in turn will guarantee that your app will operate consistently across different browsers, browser versions, devices and operating systems.

ClicTest is a Product-Enabled Independent Software Testing Company which is committed to provide end-to-end software testing solutions and services for the enterprises of any size. Through ClicTest cross browser and cross platform testing solution the SMEs can easily find the browser and platform functionality based defects in their web applications and this in turn helps them to achieve the scope of improving the quality of their Web Applications by cutting down the human effort, time, money, and multiple tools.

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